Board of Management

Naas CBS is managed by a Board of Management consisting of eight members: four nominees of the Trustees, two nominees of the parents of children attending the school and two nominees of the recognised teaching staff of the school.
The Board and its Chairperson are appointed by the Trustees of Naas CBS and act as a corporate body. 
The Board serves for a period of three years. 
The period of service of the current Board is October 2021 to October 2024.
The membership of the current Board is as follows:

Patrons Nominees:

Mr. Colman Campbell  (Chairperson)
Ms. Nora Lahart
Mr. Anthony Egan
Mr. Niall O’Boyle

Parents Nominees:

Ms. Louise Halligan
Mr. Tim Mulvihill

Teacher Nominees:

Ms. Ella Houlihan
Mr. Kevin Whelan
The Secretary to the Board is Mr. Ben Travers, Principal.